Breathe Free Press is a literary magazine of resistance and awareness dedicated to the essayism as art, not journalist persuasion. The essay as a space for observation funneled through social awareness in narratives that subvert genre constraints.

The essays we seek allude, intimate, insinuate, attempt, analyze, critique, express: attentive to language and cultural associations. Themes that transform and transgress meta narratives of authority and power structures. We welcome, generous, graceful conscious writing.

We only accept submissions through Submittable. And only publish original work. Please do not send essays previously published or have ever appeared before online or in print. Submissions are read year-round. Issues published tri-annually – Winter - Spring - Fall. Please stay in contact for announcements on summer events.

DOUBLE SPACED submissions are easier to read and edit, but there is an exception for textual structure integral to meaning.

We are equally interested in reading both emerging and established writers. A cover letter is useful to acquaint the editors with the author behind the work. We understand and encourage simultaneous submissions, but please share your good news of acceptance elsewhere.

We promise to give your work a close reading with suggested edits for selected essays. Our reply time is 0- 4 months. We request for one-time first electronic rights.

Thank you for considering Breathe Free Press.


Breathe Free Press is a new online literary magazine of resistance and awareness, dedicated to promoting essay. Please submit your narrative essays; cross-genre; flash; experimental; critical; travel and lyric essays.

This is our first call for submissions. Breathe Frees Press offers an amiable space for the work of emerging writers invested in essay as an art form.

We endeavor to publish progressive essays of literary resistance to challenge the normalization of regressive tropes of renascent authoritarian nationalist power threatening to repress diversity and difference. The essays we seek allude, intimate, insinuate, attempt, analyze, critique, express. Essays that are attentive to language and cultural associations. Essays which transforms and transgress metanarratives of authority and power structures. We welcome, generous graceful conscious writing.

Breathe Free Press only accepts submissions through Submittable. We do not charge a reading fee at present. Double space requested for all submissions except where form is integral to the textual structure.

We support the unpublished work of emerging and established writers. Please include a cover letter to acquaint the editors with the author behind the work. We understand and encourage simultaneous submissions but ask to be notified of acceptance elsewhere.

If you have questions, please email Deborah at

Ends on December 31, 2017

Because, the lyric essay liberates writer’s writing beyond genre constraints:

Because, lyric essay is subversive: It subverts the convention of genre.

Because, mind discovers in fragments: The lyric essay’s open form is suitable to the writing mind.

Because, it permits inclusivity and diversity: The lyric essay is free of constraint.

Because, writing can practice compassion: The lyric essay resembles the human condition.

Because, writing explores: The lyric essay releases the mind from physical confinement in a body constrained by space and time.

Because, words are the media used to translate images to the page: The lyric is an aperture, a meditation on engaged passion.

Because, I am a dreamer: The lyric essay is a mind map, an idiosyncratic map for a dreamer in timeless communication.

Because, I desire community: The lyric essay is minded in gravity free space, trusting the process.

Because, books are sustainable: The lyric essay is an inactive conversation with literature’s generous minds.

Because, I resist : The lyric essay does not wish to persuade, but distills perception through discovery, serendipity, and wonder.

Somewhere, around the midpoint of frustration with fiction, the writer encountered the lyric essay.

Ends on December 31, 2017
Genre: Dedicated to interrogating narrative. Breathe Free Press welcomes critical essays on the discourse of literature, literary culture, text, music, film, art, advertising, social media. Critical examination of the whole to expose its parts. We yearn for vibrant critical culture textual analysis. Narratives querying narratives, excavating the surface to expose internal narrative mechanics.  Eye bulging, mind opening, insights to alter and expand perception.
Ends on December 31, 2017

Essays of temporary immersion into the quotidian and historic. Narratives of interaction with place and identity to examine, explore and embrace the response of self as a stranger in someone’s home. Essays of translation of sensation and strangeness. Narratives of voluntary defamiliarization, loneliness of wanderlust and discovery in communal exchange that expands and collapses time.